Shredded Wheat Straw for Mushroom Cultivation



MushroomSource has Shredded Wheat Straw and Unshredded Wheat Straw for mushroom cultivation.


Shredded straw is perfect for those who do not have the equipment or the time to shred the straw. No work is required. Simply open the bag and proceed to wheat straw pasteurization.


For those who want to save some money, we are also offering an Unshredded Wheat Straw.


We can ship within Canada.


Shredded Wheat Straw - $6.95 + tax per gallon (3.78 L)

Unshredded Wheat Straw - $3.95 + tax per gallon (3.78 L)






Shredded straw is the easiest substrate to use for growing mushrooms. Wheat straw provides a good foundation for mushroom growth.


You need to pasteurize the straw and then use it as a substrate for mycelium to grow. Most mushrooms have no problem growing on the wheat straw, making it a very good substrate.


The mycelium loves smaller ends and frayed tips of the shredded straw to catch hold and start colonization.















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